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What is Blanco Supreme?

Blanco Supreme is a completely natural, non-peroxide teeth whitening product. Our whitening strips are safe to use and will get your smile looking whiter in just 14 days!

My teeth are really sensitive, can I still use your product?

No problem at all. Our whitening strips are a natural, non-peroxide product. If you have exposed gums or damaged teeth, it is always worth consulting with a dentist before use, but our product is designed to eliminate stains and whiten, without hurting your teeth.

How often should I use Blanco Supreme whitening strips?

Blanco Supreme whitening strips come in three different programs, of 2, 4 and 6 weeks worth of strips.

2 week program
Use each day for the full 14 days provided. Wear for 30 minutes each day for best results.

4 week program
Use each day for the first 2 weeks and then give your teeth a rest for the next 2 weeks. Use the strips again for 2 weeks after this ‘resting phase’

6 week program
Use each day for the first 2 weeks, and like the 4 week program, give your teeth a rest for the next 2 weeks. Use the whitening strips for two weeks after the ‘resting phase’ before giving yourself another two weeks rest. Complete the 6 week program with the final 2 weeks of usage.

Follow this two weeks usage, two weeks rest formula and look forward to bright, white smiles!

How to Use

There are 14 sachets in each packet, each containing 2 teeth whitening strips, for your upper (the longer strip) and lower teeth (the shorter strip).

Simply tear the top of the sachet to reveal the strips. Pull the soft strip off the plastic film and, gel side first, press to the surface of your teeth.

Dry your teeth before applying the strip. Watching in the mirror, line up the straight edge of the strip with the gum. Gently press and adjust the strip with your finger and fold the rest of the strip behind your teeth to keep the strip in place.

Wear the strips for 30 minutes and remove and discard the used strip. Clean off any remaining gel residue, brushing your teeth or gargling. You are now free to admire your white smile! Simple.

Please note: Remember not to eat or drink during the application process, as this might move or unstick the strips!

Can I sleep with Blanco Supreme whitening strips in my mouth?

No need! The strips are quick and hardworking and only take 30 minutes to work.

I have a cap on my tooth (crown), is this problem?

If your Crown has a little discolouration Blanco Supreme will bring the crown back to its original colour.

I have braces on my teeth, can I still use Blanco Supreme whitening strips?

We’re afraid not – the strips need to be placed directly against your teeth and so you’ll need to wait until you get the braces off.

How long will it take to see some results?

You’ll start to see a difference after only a few days but after 14 days your teeth will be significantly whiter. For best results we recommend following the full 6 week program.

Is your product tested?

It’s fully tested and we wouldn’t be able to sell if it weren’t! It’s tested and approved by EU and US cosmetic laws, so you’re safe with us.

Where can I buy Blanco Supreme whitening strips?

Buy them online right here! We sell directly to our consumers, personally bringing you a healthier, whiter smile.

What method of payment can I use?

We’re not picky! We accept a number of payment methods and accepts Mastercard, Visa,American Express and Maestro.

How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

1-3 days for the UK. 3-7 Business days for the EU and 10-14 business days for worldwide delivery. Delivery is between Monday and Friday and remember, shipping is free!

I ordered some whitening strips, but they haven’t turned up yet?

Firstly, don’t panic. Remember that delivery is only on business days. Check your confirmation email and make sure you’ve entered the correct address. If it all checks out then email us at we will be in touch as soon as we hear from you and will do everything we can to bring you your smile!