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Blanco Whitening –Whiten Your Teeth Fast | Best Blanco SupremeWhitening Strips

Here at Blanco Supreme, we care about the nation’s smile. We looked at the whitening strips available in the UK and were unsatisfied with what we saw. We couldn’t find a product which was safe, effective and affordable. That was when we decided, if no one was going to provide whitening strips that make a difference to your smile, we’d do the job ourselves.

Blanco Supreme’s whitening excellence is based on a safe, non-peroxide formula, proven to whiten without the harmful chemicals used by most mainstream whitening products. These peroxide chemicals are known to penetrate the tooth’s enamel and cause serious, irreversible damage to your inner tooth, with nasty side effects like receding gums and thinning tooth enamel. Blanco Supreme’s teeth whitening formula is a kinder way to whiten, ensuring you get that Hollywood smile safely, without any scary risks to your health.

Blanco Supreme’s whitening strips also give you that bright celebrity smile, without an unfair celebrity price tag. Our whitening strips whiten your teeth effectively, in just 14 days. They work both on and beneath the surface of the enamel to remove unsightly yellow marks and prevent new stains. But that white smile won’t mean you’ll have to mortgage your house; our top class whitening strips are the most fairly priced and affordable product on the market, because we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, white smile.